The Long Way Around.

Where oh where to begin? Per custom, I shall begin by looking back chronologically aka that takes us to the last week of August. In the days leading up to Labor Day (although not celebrated in Spain on the same day as in the US), I was busy running, reading, nannying sweet Dylan, working on never-ending Aashi social media business, and having a bit of fun in between. Labor Day weekend I went out with Gabi, met her BCN friends in Borne, and then we hit up the recently converted Pacha Barcelona (what once was Sotavento). On the actual holiday, after work Cass, Brenden, and I met Damian at the casino in Vila, where we managed to come out 40 euro ahead! Booyah. Afterwards, we got drinks at Stoke Bar and then walked over to Jamboree, as Brenden had yet to ever go! It was a fun double date night.

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On September fourth, Cass’ mom, dad, grandma, and neighbor arrived in Barcelona. Her mom, Mag, was kind enough to bring over an entire suitcase (filled with things from my mom) for me. When my mom told me she had decided to just pack a suitcase for Mag to bring, I had imagined a small carryon type, yet as it turned out the bag was actually one of the larger ones we own. Typical Mel! Special shout out to the best friend, Hayley, for making me a goodie-box complete with notes, Jack, a lip masque, and more! It was like Christmas to open that bad boy. The best part was definitely the goodies for Abril, Damian, Sergio & Mar, and Dylan. Needless to say, everyone was quite appreciative, myself included. Since they’ve been here, I joined them for Park Guell, walking the Rambla-La Boqueria-Port Vell, and more! It has been great finally having her family here to see our city.

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Now that Cass’ brother, Anthony is also here, we went to Tibidabo (my first time during the day) on La Diada (Catalonia’s National Day). We climbed all the way to the top by the Jesus statue like in Rio. It was an amazing view of Barcelona and all the surrounding areas from the very tiptop.

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I have also been making an exerted effort to soak up the last of summer… think nighttime gelato dates, AM beach time, and evening park visits. It has been much hotter and more humid thus far in September, than it was in August, helping to extend summer just a bit longer! Schools are all starting if not this last week, tomorrow though so it seems that fall is inevitable.

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Yesterday Damian and I met up with Cass’ and the whole crew and Marta on Avenida Gaudi to eat at our favorite pizzeria; it was Damian’s first time meeting everyone aside from Cass. Lunch was fun and the weather was perfect to sit out on the terrace with everyone. Afterwards, we walked to the Dow Jones Bar for drinks during the FCB game.


Today I ran my third 10k, and in two weeks I will run in the La Merce 10k race, which I am looking forward to! I have recently finished Jess’ Walter’s Beautiful Ruins, and am now reading Emily Giffin’s Love the One You’re With. Beautiful Ruins was a much more intriguing, expertly interwoven story than I had expected; definitely recommend! Cass moves out of the apartment on Tuesday, while I technically have until the end of the month to move all of my things into Damian’s. Times are a changin’ folks. Damian and my one-year anniversary is right around the corner… crazy! I am hoping to do some day trips and weekend trips in the next month, namely to Girona, Figueres, Cadaqués, and Valencia; hopefully time and money allow. Until next time…

english progress :)
english progress 🙂

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