The Best Banana Bread


My step-dad, Scott, gave me this simple recipe years ago and it has never failed me since. If you want to make a moist, classic, no-frills banana bread, look no further! It’s easy to make, doesn’t require a mixer, and is pretty hard to screw up!

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Girls’ Weekend in The Netherlands

As my first post back after a long hiatus from blogging, I knew the first thing I wanted to share about was my late September trip to the home country of one of my best friends, Charlotte. Another friend of mine here in Barcelona, Olivia, and I had been long-wanting to go to The Netherlands (or Holland, you can use them interchangeably though the first is the technically correct name), and see our favorite Dutchie in her element. After finding cheap tickets and a weekend that worked for all of us, we were on our way! We flew from BCN to Amsterdam and spent two nights there, then passed through Haarlem, and trained to The Hague for our last day.Continue reading “Girls’ Weekend in The Netherlands”


Small group

Disclaimer: This post was originally written right after the 4th of July weekend.

It’s been awhile since my last guest blog post here… And I’m glad to be back! I was inspired recently by the “Letter to the Ephesians” topic being picked apart in my church in Barcelona. Our head Pastor, John, especially got my attention when he explained by saying: “It’s time to walk in the sonship and daughterhood that we have been offered by the Father.”Continue reading “…Prayer…”

Be kind and have courage.

So the Spring Game here in LNK a few Saturdays ago was an absolute blast. Beth and I went over to Kirby’s house to hang with her Anna, Liz, and Craig before heading downtown. Per the usual, it was just so great to get to catch up with people. And tailgating is still a treat that I’ve experienced few and far in-between; I had never gone to a Husker game before going to the University, and even in my four years as a Husker student, I barely ever tailgated (mind you I worked in the skyboxes my latter two years). Kirby ended up driving us down to Barry’s in the HayMarket. It couldn’t have been a prettier day, weather-wise. Couldn’t tell ya which side won but speaking on behalf of Beth and myself, ’twas a wonderful day!Continue reading “Be kind and have courage.”

Hogar Dulce Hogar

Time at home… has been awesome! Sorry for the delayed post but better late than never right? I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to see family, friends, and meet a pretty sweet new baby (looking at you, Michael). Highlights have included going out in Omaha with my Phi’s, getting to dine at the Green Gateau with quality company multiple times, and going out with my oldest friends here in Lincoln. On my first weekend home, I got to meet cute baby Michael, my cousin Evan and his wife, Kristin’s first-born. He is such a sweet, happy lil guy! I have also loved getting to see new spots in Lincoln (at least new for me) like Hacienda Real, The Doughnut HoleThe FlatwaterPaper KiteSelect StyleDempsey’s, and Honest Abe’s. So much good stuff with my favorite people.Continue reading “Hogar Dulce Hogar”

A Perfect Love Story

So this is the first time I’ve written a blog post from up in the air in an airplane… But this post has been a long-time coming. For a week now I’ve been meaning to start writing this post, but as life would have it, things have delayed its creation until now. I have been wanting to write about this topic since several weeks ago when my church in Barcelona, ICB, started the series: “Redeemed – A Journey Through the Book of Ruth.” While I had always known there was a book in the Bible called Ruth, I wasn’t familiar with the story at all really. I’m happy to say I now feel well-versed in the small, yet mighty book of Ruth and wanted to share some awesome stuff with yall.Continue reading “A Perfect Love Story”

Enjoy the Ride.

The last few weeks have flown by! In between Valentine’s Day and now, I have observed Lent, gotten more into my ICB Community Group, and had my last week nannying for Ferran’s girls, Mar and Clara. All last week the new nanny, Mateja, shadowed me as we got the girls all ready and off to school and then the PM routine as well. She’s from Slovenia, and seems sweet and capable; it’s definitely bittersweet, though, to see that chapter close.Continue reading “Enjoy the Ride.”

A Beautiful (Creative) Mind

Recently I read a wonderful article on Canva’s blog, called “10 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently.” Written by Andrew Tate, the article outlined ten examples of how creative people function to the beat of their own drum in order to foster the success of their artistically inclined work habits. I identified to the entirety of the post and wanted to add my two cents to Tate’s take on the matter…Continue reading “A Beautiful (Creative) Mind”

Flax & What?

Calling all health nuts… in Barcelona that is… You guys if you haven’t tried Flax & Kale yet, don’t walk – run! Located in a sunny corner spot on Carrer de Tallers, Flax & Kale has quickly become a healthy restaurant staple in Barcelona’s Raval area, and the city at large for that matter. They’re proud to be a “Healthy Flexitarian Restaurant” and they boast the impressive stat of having an 80 percent plant-based menu.Continue reading “Flax & What?”

Top 5 Cafés

Another great article on several lovely cafés in Barcelona…


Lo prometido es deuda, así que hoy os vamos a presentar 5 de los nuestros lugares favoritos para tomar un café en Barcelona… El “momento café” es todo un ritual para algunos, así que para elaborar este pequeño Top Five nos hemos fijado algo más que sólo el café. Siguiendo el espíritu de LetsBiteBcn, hemos seleccionado 5 lugares que a parte de servir un gran café, tienen un encanto especial.

1. Caravelle: Un clásico del Raval que no podía faltar en nuestra lista. Caravelle es un local sobrio pero muy trabajado, decorado de manera sencilla pero con mucho gusto. Nos encanta el estilo retro que nos traslada a las aulas de antaño por sus sillas y mesas de estilo retro con un toque industrial. Tampoco puedes perderte sus ya clásicos centros de mesa florales, todo un objeto de culto para los foodies fotógrafos de Barcelona. El café está de…

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