Coronavirus Quarantine Diary: Part 3

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Well it’s finally the last day of March 2020. This month has really felt like a year. I don’t know about you, but this whole experience has made me hyper-aware of everything I took for granted before, like getting a cup of coffee with friends, going for a run along the beach, going to my gym and being encouraged and pushed in person, riding my bike to run errands, all sorts of little things that now seem so luxurious.

To give you the Coronavirus updates, as of this morning, Spain has over 94,000 total confirmed cases with over 8,000 deaths and over 19,000 cured. Some days there are hopeful repots of day-to-day decreases, while other days it seems to be solely record-breaking news that makes you think why isn’t this quarantine helping more. That being said, it’s still crazy to me that the US is still not in an official nation-wide quarantine. We still stay inside our apartment (it’s roughly 100 m or 500 sq feet). I went to the grocery store last week and below is a photo I took whilst waiting in line for a while to get in. Once inside, there weren’t too many people, but there were several sections totally out of stock (think wine, tonic water, chips, etc). Most people I saw on my grocery run were also wearing gloves, a mask and glasses. Continue reading “Coronavirus Quarantine Diary: Part 3”

Diario de la cuarentena del coronavirus: parte 3

Bueno por fin es el último día de marzo 2020. Este mes ha parecido como un año entero. No sé para ti, pero para mi esta experiencia me ha hecho muy consciente de todo lo que tomaba por hecho antes, como ir a tomar un café con amigos, salir a correr por la playa, ir a mi gimnasio y estar animada en persona, andar en bici para hacer recados, todo tipo de cosas pequeñas que ahora me parecen cosas lujosas.

Por aquí, estas son las actualizaciones en cuanto al coronavirus a partir de esta mañana: España tiene más de 94K casos confirmados con más de 8K fallecidos y más de 19K curados. Algunos días hay noticias con datos esperanzadores, mientras que también hay muchos días todavía con datos que rompen records y te hace pensar por qué no funciona mejor esta cuarentena?! Dicho esto, es una locura pensar que en los EEUU todavía no han hecho una cuarentena nacional (obligatoria). Aquí nos quedamos en nuestro piso (tiene como 100m). Fui al supermercado la semana pasada y abajo está la foto que saque mientras hacía la cola para entrar. Una vez adentro, no había demasiada gente, pero sí que habían varias secciones que no tenían stock de cosas (como vino, tónica, patatas, etc.). La mayoría de las personas que vi cuando salí también llevaban puestos guantes, mascarilla y gafas. Continue reading “Diario de la cuarentena del coronavirus: parte 3”

Coronavirus Quarantine Diary: Part 2

{La versión del post en español está aquí}

The Part 1 of this series has been my most viewed post ever on the blog, which I am taking the liberty to interpret that it means that people are interested to know what quarantine is like here in Barcelona, how it’s affecting peoples’ lives and and any sort of tips or inspiration that I can offer during these trying times. 

I want to preface this post by saying that while my last post ended with lots of ideas on how to make this quarantine period easier or more fun or more productive, I also want to acknowledge that for many people this slowing down of normal life is not a welcomed sort of stay-cation, but rather plunges folks into being stuck between a rock and a hard spot. For example, my Aunt Lori is a hair stylist in Omaha and now is not sure of what she can expect for her income for the next several months (as her work is a no work, no pay set up), or my best friend here in Barcelona, Charlotte is a freelance photographer who has seen most projects wiped for the foreseeable future. Freelancers, self-employed, restaurant owners or employees, gym owners & staff, retail warriors – so many people continue to feel the coronavirus’ impact in a domino effect that has no signs of stopping anytime soon. I see you & feel for you. Continue reading “Coronavirus Quarantine Diary: Part 2”

Diario de la cuarentena del coronavirus: parte 2

La primera parte de esta serie ha sido mi post más visto en la historia del blog, lo que entiendo significa que la gente están interesados en como se vive la cuarentena aquí en Barcelona, como está afectando a las vidas de las personas, y cualquier tipo de consejo o inspiración durante estos tiempos difíciles. 

Quiero empezar este post al decir que aunque mi último post terminó con varios ideas de cómo hacer la cuarentena más llevadora o más divertida o productiva, también soy consciente de que por muchas personas este freno del ritmo normal de la vida no esté bienvenido, sino que mete a la gente en situaciones muy duros. Por ejemplo, mi tía Lori es una peluquera en Omaha, Nebraska y ahora no sabe bien cuanto ganará en los próximos meses (ya que está medio cerrado su tienda), o mi mejor amiga en Barcelona, Charlotte es una fotógrafa autónoma y muchos de sus proyectos están cancelados para el futuro previsible. Autónomos, dueños y empleados de restaurantes y gimnasios, trabajadores de retail- tantas personas siguen de sentir los impactos del coronavirus que no tiene señal de parar en un futuro cercano. Os veo y estoy con vosotros!  Continue reading “Diario de la cuarentena del coronavirus: parte 2”

Coronavirus Quarantine Diary: Part 1

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What crazy times we are living in these days… I was hesitant to write about this on my blog and get more personal, but then my mom reminded me yesterday that decades from now we might look back on this period and appreciate being able to relive this experience with details from the day-by-day memories. So here I am, adding my grain of sand to the COVID19 conversation and sharing our experience of the daily sweeping changes taking place in Barcelona, Spain. Continue reading “Coronavirus Quarantine Diary: Part 1”

36 Hours in London

Munich, New York City, London… I think most people would agree that these are top destinations for holiday season travel. I had been to London once before years ago on a quick solo trip, but the last time my mom came to visit me, I surprised her with a mom-daughter getaway to London in early December! It was magical and did not disappoint. I will add this disclaimer, though, while flights (from European cities) to the UK capitol can often be cheap, enjoying yourself once there is often expensive. So keep that in mind whilst planning your itinerary!Continue reading “36 Hours in London”

24 Hours in Sevilla

Andalusia, the southern region of Spain, has a special place in my heart for many reasons, but one of the top ones certainly has to be their hospitality and warmth. In general, the people are nice and friendly, and there’s so much to see, do & eat down there. Here’s a recap of what to do in Seville (Sevilla) with limited time.Continue reading “24 Hours in Sevilla”

Girls’ Weekend in The Netherlands

As my first post back after a long hiatus from blogging, I knew the first thing I wanted to share about was my late September trip to the home country of one of my best friends, Charlotte. Another friend of mine here in Barcelona, Olivia, and I had been long-wanting to go to The Netherlands (or Holland, you can use them interchangeably though the first is the technically correct name), and see our favorite Dutchie in her element. After finding cheap tickets and a weekend that worked for all of us, we were on our way! We flew from BCN to Amsterdam and spent two nights there, then passed through Haarlem, and trained to The Hague for our last day.Continue reading “Girls’ Weekend in The Netherlands”


Small group

Disclaimer: This post was originally written right after the 4th of July weekend.

It’s been awhile since my last guest blog post here… And I’m glad to be back! I was inspired recently by the “Letter to the Ephesians” topic being picked apart in my church in Barcelona. Our head Pastor, John, especially got my attention when he explained by saying: “It’s time to walk in the sonship and daughterhood that we have been offered by the Father.”Continue reading “…Prayer…”

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