I Woke Up Like This.

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

The last few weeks have swiftly managed to fly by! Over a few weeks ago I met up with Jesús, my old intercambio buddy, at La Violeta for coffee and company.  Besides catching up on the day-to-day updates, he also informed me all about the La Mona traditions here for Easter week. Other highlights from that week include making my first bizcocho with Abril and Damian, training for the upcoming Corte Ingles 10k, and venturing out to the BCN casino with Damian where we tested our suerte at computerized roulette. By far the cherry on top of that night was going to a discoteca afterwards and getting a rare view of Damian’s “hip-hop moves.” That Sunday, Cass, Brenden, and I went to tour the Hospital de Sant Pau on their last free day before they started charging entrance fees again. The city revitalized and restored nearly the entirety of the old hospital, which is now mostly a museum thanks to the beautiful mosaic works.

Panam of Hospital de Sant Pau
Panam of Hospital de Sant Pau

Later in the day, I took the train out to Sant Cugat to cheer on Damian’s soccer team during their big rivalry game against the other Sant Cugat team, SC Junior. They ended up winning 3-1 and I relished all of the proud girlfriend moments I could. That night, Cass, Brenden, Gabi, and I walked over to Sala Bikini for the Boyce Avenue concert! Although, admittedly I had not listened to much of their music before (or after now), they put on a great show of live music! We had never been to Sala Bikini before either so it was fun to get to check out the venue and enjoy some live music (in English!) for a change of pace.


I started the third week of March off by celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at George Payne’s with Damian, Adi, and Matan. Armed with green beers, festive hats, and great company, I enjoyed helping Damian celebrate his very first St. Patty’s Day! Per the usual weekly routine, I had the group English lesson with Angie (8), Lara (6), Marc (5), and Abril (4) on Monday, my Spanish-English advanced intercambio on Tuesday, and took care of Abril after school throughout the work week. Training for the 10k continued, and my current routine is running every other day; I’m up to 5 miles at this point. In Spain they celebrate Father’s Day on March 19th so Abril and I made Sergio a bizcocho with dulce de leche icing, homemade cards, and Abril even picked out bright yellow tulips for the big day.

Festejandooo at George Payne's!
Festejandooo at George Payne’s!
Sergio's cake :)
Sergio’s cake 🙂

Thursday night of that week, Damian, Adi, Matan and I got together at my apartment before we went to Jamboree in Plaza Real. Although we arrived just after two and hence had to pay a cover, it was a fun night with the four of us – by the end Matan and Damian were like two peas in a pod. On the weekends, I still work with Anna’s three little kids, teaching them English through games and just playing with them. That Sunday night was the much-anticipated FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match; after work I met Damian and his family at a local bar in Poble Nou to watch the big game with them. According to the commentators, it was the best “el clasico” in years – thankfully Barca won.


On the job with Anna's little girls: Joanita y Claudia
On the job with Anna’s little girls: Joanita y Claudia


So let’s see as far as this last week goes… I worked, ran, had my intercambio where we welcomed the new member Sonia from Ecuador, and celebrated 6 months with Damian! Time flies man. Some exciting work opportunities could be materializing in the near future so I will keep you posted on those… Cass and I had lunch at Petra’s yesterday afternoon; I met her new student, Rachel who is very nice and well situated living with Petra. Last night I watched Dylan again – happy to be back watching him after a long visit with their family. Also, noteworthy I finished Jane Austen’s Persuasion last night – not exactly a page-turner but happy I read it and can check that classic of the to-read list.

Dylan el loquitooo :D
Dylan el loquitooo 😀

Another highlight since the last time I blogged was my fleeting, oh-so-brief modeling career! Over a week ago now Mar asked me to try on several of the newest items in the store so that she could post the photos on FIFO’s Facebook page- I gladly accepted and we got right to it. Sadly I only could muster up about three different poses to chose from throughout the shoot, but it was a very fun and entertaining morning. Below are several of the photos that Sergio/Mar/Damian took for FIFO’s page… If you’re reading this and want to see more of the photos or are interested in FIFO’s Seafolly line of swim & beach wear, you should search “FIFO POBLE NOU” on fb and like their page! Until next time folks…





my late bday present from Mar! :)
my late bday present from Mar! 🙂

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