As of late…

Well fellow bloggers, it has been too long since I’ve updated this bad boy. Since we last spoke, I have: survived my last Husker Homecoming week, participated in Inspiration week for the last time, and helped initiate 37 new members into Nu Chapter. Also worth mentioning, I officially submitted my Fulbright application to become an ETA in Malaysia in 2014, and 16 of my best friends and I survived Vegas. My cousin got married, my good friends got married, and a friend abroad got a good job. Things have been busy to say the least!

For all those out there wondering, my current obsessions include: copious amounts of coffee, stud earrings, trying to figure out my winter break plans, dark nails, finishing my presidency, and meeting new people. Speaking on behalf of my pledge class, we all had a WONDERFUL time out in Las Vegas (even though we stayed in Excalibur). We got so spoiled day and night; I wish I were at Marquee right now with Farlay.

This is a totally unrelated side note, but something I must add. Recently, I had a guy try to woo me by attempting to make himself seem super interesting. “Are you familiar with TED talks?” he asks…. “I speak 5 languages fluently” he mentions… etc, etc, etc. Needless to say this strategy backfired. If you have to create your own self-serving propagranda to make yourself SEEM cool and interesting, you most likely are not said adjectives. I like weird people in general. They are entertaining and help open your mind. But honestly, do not go out of your way to make yourself sound so unique and intellectual- it’s just annoying and unattractive.

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