Like a Moth to a Flame.

I cannot believe it’s already September! Things are going well here – I am now employed with a part time English teaching position at a private children’s language academy just outside of Barcelona. Yay for having an income again soon!

We had a good weekend filled with celebrations… On Saturday, Cass, Clare, and I went on the all-day excursion to Costa Brava with J.B. and Stevie as our knowledgeable guides! We ended up going to Sant Pol beach and kayaking, cliff jumping, and snorkeling near the reefs! It was a great day. The water was super clear, nothing but sunny skies, and I was thrilled that we finally got to cross cliff jumping off of our elusive bucket list. The only casualty of the day was Clare’s sunglasses; thankfully they were from Target. After a picnic of bocadillos and melon back on the beach, we rode back to Barcelona.Continue reading “Like a Moth to a Flame.”

August Update…

Well we are in our fourth week of living in our apartment in the Gracía area of Barcelona. Things we like about the apartment: beautiful hardwood floors, great air flow, scenic views from the terrace and back windows, solid Wi-Fi connection, general atmosphere of the neighborhood, and the fact that we’re the second highest floor in the building. Things we are not as in love with: lack of AC, oven, toaster, microwave, dishwasher, dryer, toaster oven, TV, and elevator.  Some of these aspects are just par for the course with living in Spain – hardly anyone has a drying machine for clothes, hence the clotheslines that dangle from nearly every balcony and window.  While some shortcomings are more annoying to deal with, like the fact of not having anything more than a stove; as someone who is attempting to learn how to cook, this presents some unique challenges on a daily basis.  I have started a Pinterest board titled “Cooking Realistically,” which only hosts pins of dishes one can make using only what we have at our actual disposal currently.Continue reading “August Update…”

The Base of Everything Else.

It’s funny how physical distance, time differences, scheduling conflicts, and life in general can slyly attempt to refashion old relationships into altogether unrecognizable entities.  I say it’s funny because sometimes said independent variables can gradually shape what were once previously conceived to be cherished relationships into insignificant and circumstantial ties.  Everyone has those relationships that seemed unbreakable for a season, but then throw in an ocean of distance or a summer apart and boom, it’s like you’re strangers again. Continue reading “The Base of Everything Else.”

Southern Roots

“Write about what disturbs you, particularly if it bothers no one else.” – Kathryn Stockett, The Help

Somehow, we survived quite a three-(or maybe four?)-day weekend here in BCN.  As I am no longer accustomed to going to sleep at any sort of reasonable hour, I just finished watching The Help on my laptop.  Despite my mom’s misgivings about my sometimes-stoic nature, I may or may not wake up with swollen eyelids tomorrow morning; that movie always gets me! Continue reading “Southern Roots”

Montserrat, Roller Blades, & Festivales

Our second week of living in Gracía (a neighborhood in Barcelona) started off with a beach day at Bogatel with Cass and Ben.  After several hours of quality sun, we metro’ed home and I made chicken salad for the first time ever; anyone who knows me well knows that my cooking repertoire is quite limited so this was a big deal! It turned out good, but a little heavy on the mayo.  The rest of Friday was consumed with blogging, picking up the apartment, then priming and going to CDLC with Ben and Cass.  Of course, we ended up at Olympic eventually – cue the usual suspects there.Continue reading “Montserrat, Roller Blades, & Festivales”

Our First Week in Gracía

Now that the blog is all up to date on our backpacking adventures, I’ll attempt to recount the highlights of our first week being back in Barcelona at the beginning of August.  Upon our return from Lisbon, Cass and I headed straight for our new home! We took the metro up from Plaza Cataluña to Fontana and easily found Sant Joaquim; once we climbed up the five flights of stairs to the cuarto piso (apt 4), we met Kim, the previous renter of the apartment.  She is about our age and is originally from California. Kim gave us the grand tour and we were thankful to get to set our backpacks down finally.  After catching our breath, Cass and I went back to the ISA office to retrieve our big bags. Continue reading “Our First Week in Gracía”

Part 8 (The End): Lisbon

Monday 7/29 – Though hungry and tired, hours later we arrived safely in Lisbon! From the airport, we took the metro to our hostel area, and proceeded to walk through what can only be described as the Warsaw ghetto of Lisbon – we finally found Johnie’s Place on the top of a mountain. Since we couldn’t check in for a couple hours, we stopped for lunch at a nearby restaurant that happened to have a tasty 8-Euro menu option. After gorging ourselves and watching the Portuguese version of Dancing with the Stars, we meandered over to the benches by the second highest look out point in Lisbon; there we napped like homeless people until about an hour later when we checked in. Johnie’s Place was nice enough; we were back to having a mixed 6-person room and bathroom. Continue reading “Part 8 (The End): Lisbon”

Part 7: Madrid

Thursday 7/25 – We safely arrived at Madrid’s Barajas International Airport.  We took the familiar metro from Barajas towards Nuevos Ministerios, switched to Line 10 towards Tribunal, and then were supposed to switch to Line 1 towards Atocha but were surprised to find out that Line 1 was partially closed due to construction.  At this point we were short on time to meet Félix, so we grabbed a cab to take us the rest of the way to his dad’s apartment, which is really close to the Atocha train station. Continue reading “Part 7: Madrid”

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