Home is where your mom is.

(Disclaimer: I started writing this blog post about a week ago and am finally finishing it now)… So Mel has officially come and gone – home that is, to Lincoln, Nebraska. I miss her so much already! My mom arrived safely in Barcelona on Sunday, April 13th. Damian, April, and I took the metro and bus to get to the El Prat airport on the outskirts of the city and finally arrived to Terminal 2 almost 45 minutes after she was scheduled to have landed. I was freaking out, sweating, and so worried that she was sitting there waiting for us or even worse, had tried to get a taxi to our apartment. After about 8 minutes of frantically searching the arrivals area for my 5’ 2’’ mama, Damian spotted her as she exited the baggage claim zone. Thankfully, she had been set back about an hour due to customs lines and baggage delays. It was quite a joyous feeling to get to bear hug her and finally welcome her to Barcelona!

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“….what a slut time is…

she screws everybody.”

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22 / 23

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the ole blog—a lot has happened over the last month! Getting a stomach virus marked mid-late January.  The week started off well as we went to Cantina Machito with Sara on Sunday night. There Sara and I both ordered the white fish tostadas with avocado, which proved to be delicious though overpriced. Come Monday morning I was starting the workweek with watching Dylan, the adorable American 16-month old in Poble Nou. As those close to me are likely aware, I had always considered myself more of a fan of older kids, rather than younger kids and babies. However, I am quickly realizing that it is often times much more enjoyable to spend an afternoon with a precious, happy baby (or toddler) than it is a 6 – 10 year old child.

That week Dylan and I spent about 6 hours a day together; we went to the nearby parks, walked down to the beach, ran errands, had approximately 100 snacks, and read Bubbles, Bubbles more times than I’d like to recall. All in all we had a lovely week together, and I’m excited to watch him more in the future for when Cynthia takes Spanish courses. Between watching Dylan in the A.M. and Abril and Romina in the afternoon/ evenings that week, I came down with a nasty stomach virus Tuesday night. As much as I wanted to join in on previously planned outings with Cass and Sara, I ended up posting up at Damian’s for several days and just recovering slowly but surely. He was a trooper for seeing me at my worst and not batting an eye.


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Kings & Beans

I am going to attempt to be better at posting something at least weekly on here; I know I have gotten a bit slack with my frequency lately. So a week ago today (Jan 5th) I went to Poble Nou for La Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos, aka the 3 Kings Day parade. I forget if I’ve said any of this before, but here in Spain Jan 6th is a big nationally celebrated holiday known as Reyes Magos.  Kids get presents again just like Christmas, especially given by grandparents. The night before is the Cabalgata or parade and then on the actual holiday, no one works and people get together to eat with their families. I met up with Damian’s family and friends at La Biennal, their local spot on the Rambla of Poble Nou, for coffees beforehand and then we went to stake out our spot on the Rambla to have a good view of the parade. The little kids were all so excited; April, Ona, & Bet were busy throwing confetti at one another as the anticipation built. Anibal, Sergio and I caught as many caramelos as humanly possible while the parade went by. It was a great time! After the festivities died down, we went back to Damian’s for homemade milanesa. Yum!

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New Year, New Me… Or Something Like That

Welcome to 2014, blog fam!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season filled with friends and family and all of your favorite things.  I decided to leave the Tumblr world and make the switch to WordPress as it affords free users with more statistics in terms of reader demographics, page views, shares, etc.  I hope you all enjoy the makeover!  Anyways, my good friend Garrett arrived at our door the evening of December 30th – it was so good to get to hug a friend from home after so long! After giving him the royal apartment tour and letting him get settled in, Cass, Garrett, and I headed out for the night; we started at El Cine in Gracía, then walked to Dow Jones, and ended up at Ovella Negra off La Rambla. Garrett loved the final stop and couldn’t stop raving about “the awesome, hidden German beer hall!” Successful first night! On New Year’s Eve, we made quite the day of it by taking Garrett down Passeig de Gracía, Plaza Cataluña, La Rambla, La Boquería, Gotico, Born, the churches, and finally Park Guell.

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Wrapping up 2013…

As 2013 is quickly coming to a close, here is what we’ve been up to as of late… The second week of December was more or less another normal workweek in terms of fulfilling personal assistant duties, English lessons, intercambio, and babysitting.  It is nice to find a routine even with a super polyvalent job description.  On Friday the 13th, Fino went back to the states so that was a sad parting.  We have definitely missed her since then!  That night Cass and I went to Cantina Machito in Gracía and met Marta, Adrian, Bree, and Shri for dinner.  Trying to be frugal, I opted for a cañita (small beer) and queso fundido (chips & cheese).  The food, drinks, and atmosphere were great – it is now in the running to beat Rosa Negra for our preferred Mexican food spot. Other highlights from that weekend included making hot chocolate, playing Mario cart, and watching Christmas movies (Cass had never seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation so that was a must).  That Sunday I went to watch Damian’s soccer match in Sant Cugat and got to see him score a goal for the first time!

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Sweater Weather.

Picking up where I last left off, the pancake dinner at Marta’s was a big hit. We even had some blueberry jam to top them off! Pancakes are not even close to being a breakfast staple here, but rather more of an American novelty dessert item. Hence, we had them as the much-anticipated dessert post risotto.  My and Cass’ 5-month anniversary of moving to Spain came and went and we celebrated with the Sant Cugat crew at the beach clubs.Continue reading “Sweater Weather.”

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