Defined as good fortune, luck, or a pleasant surprise, serendipity has been on my mind as of late.  The way life brings people into your life, and takes them away, is quite astonishing.  I have been blessed to have been able to travel during my college career, travels of which have enabled me to meet a number of truly fascinating individuals.  The Karelitz in Boston, Nina in Chicago, Félix and the guys in Madrid (and now Kuala Lumpur), Alex, Marta, and Helgi in Barcelona, Taha in Sweden, Tom in San Francisco, and Symone in Dubai.  It really is a small world if you’re just willing to get out there and start exploring.  Yesterday, I learned that I might be in NYC while Helgi is there visiting a friend – how serendipitous.  I am very appreciative of my Midwestern roots, but it is honestly mind-boggling how anyone would not want to at least attempt to see the world a bit!  There is so much waiting at your fingertips, you just have to try.

Alright enough day dreaming for one Saturday afternoon, time to do school work.

Dubai Question Mark

So I have this friend named Symone; she is a gem.  Symone is from Dubai and goes home every winter and summer break.  She has invited me to accompany her home this coming winter break!!!!!! So far all I know about Dubai is that it’s the sovereign entity with the largest population in the United Arab Emirates, which are located south of the Persian Gulf along the Arabian Pennisula.  Dubai is home to the Atlantis Resort and the Palm, not to mention international commerce and shopping.  In order to get to Dubai, I will have to save the money I hopefully will make this summer by staying in Lincoln and working full-time!  This has the possibility to become quite a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Here’s to working hard and playing hard!  TGIF PEOPLE!

Another one bites the dust…

And so here we are, another Spring Break coming to a bittersweet end.  A group of about 20 of my sorority sisters and I went down to Cancun, Mexico to ring in the spring vacation.  We stayed at Oasis Resort, and all in all I’d say the place was decent!  Regardless of what you ordered at the bars you basically were given tequila.  The food was sub-par.  Yet the beaches, pools, resort staff, and clubs were delightful.  I was pleasantly surprised with the music selection.  We went off the resort twice, once to Coco Bongo and the next night to Señor Frogs.  Coco Bongo reminded me of my time in Spain, very reminiscent to Kapital, Joy, and Razzmatazz.  Señor Frogs was a great time as well; I’m happy I finally got there as I’ve always only heard about it.  We met some nice Brazilians and I REALLY want to learn Portuguese next.  (Think of the practicality considering BRIC)  I was by far the whitest girl at the party but hey, you can’t win ‘em all.  We all came back safe and sound.  Talk about trips for our Senior year SO FAR include: Vegas for Fall Break, Ski Trip in CO for Christmas Break, and then somewhere tropical for Spring.  My vote is leaning towards St. Thomas or Jamaica!  Qué guay!

It’s been a Jack Johnson kind of day.

In my final attempt to procrastinate my ever-mounting school work, today I re-read the pages my friends made for me to commemorate my 21st birthday.  After laughing out loud, smiling, and tearing up, I couldn’t help but think about all of my blessings.  There is a quote along the lines of “the people you love make your life,” what truth!  I’ve had friends that have pushed me to grow spiritually, inspired me to do more, made me question the status-quo, and loved me despite all flaws.  I do not know where I would be today, had I not been surrounded by the plethora of individuals I hold near to my heart.  I am especially grateful for those close friends that have never left my side.  Loyalty is so important to me; you have to know someone will be on your team regardless of circumstances. Continue reading “It’s been a Jack Johnson kind of day.”

Happy Leap Day!

Coffee is currently on my brain. When it comes to this beverage, I am not picky in the least.  Dark, medium, light roasts – I like ‘em all.  I’m equal opportunity across the board.  Give me an americano, skinny vanilla latte, house brew, caramel iced coffee, or what have you, and I will not complain!  This morning I’m about to indulge in my second cup of Starbucks’ French Roast (dark).  Here’s a fun fact of the day: I didn’t start drinking/liking coffee until I essentially forced myself to drink it while in Bilbao, Spain during the summer of 2010.  Who knew at the point that it would become a life-long love affair.


Here goes nothing…

Hello all,

This is (obviously) my first blog.  I welcome you to join me in this journey as I offer up quotes, random thoughts, cool pictures, songs, and bits about myself.

Random thought of the day: The next time I travel on my own accord, I’d love to try out Airbnb.  In the March 2012 issue of Fast Company, Airbnb was ranked 19th on their list of “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.”  Founded by RISD grads, the startup company is now praised for “turning spare rooms into the world’s hottest hotel chain.” My insatiable travel itch will undoubtedly lead me to a myriad of destinations around the globe – maybe next time I’ll get to hole up in a bachelor pad in Berlin or a chic NYC loft.

Until then, homework calls. Happy Monday blog world!


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