Poisoned Holy Water.

This particular post’s title is an adaptation from a lyric of “Same Love” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I got goose-bumps after listening to this song for the first time recently. Cliché, sure, but the honesty of the lyrics was and continues to be overpowering. Call me whatever radical, socialist, or other dramatic adjective you may be thinking currently, but I whole-heartedly believe in the necessity of universal human rights.Continue reading “Poisoned Holy Water.”

Great Expectations

So one of my favorite pins on my account says: “We accept the love we think we deserve.” What a telling statement. Whether through the relationships of my siblings, friends, family, or my own, I have come to learn that this is a factual sentiment. If you think you only deserve a so-so relationship, filled with mediocrity, selfishness, and settling, than that my friend is exactly what you will receive. As I recently admitted to myself, I am indeed an idealist at heart. This mindset translates to my perspective on romantic endeavors as well. Why on earth would any woman settle for a man who doesn’t treat her like the best woman that this world has ever seen? I’m talking roses, opening doors, paying for meals, face-to-face conversation, if-you’re-a-bird-I’m-a-bird moments people! This life is far too drab and short to waste your time and affection on anything less than a great guy. Granted, some of you may be thinking, well no shit Sherlock you would write this rant given that you are perpetually single! Ah hah! Yes, you would be right. But I like to tell myself that it is a brave choice to make to be alone rather than settling for less than you deserve. It breaks my heart to see friends date guys that cheat on them, lie to them, criticize them, etc.Continue reading “Great Expectations”


One simple word, right? Wrong. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word hope means to expect with confidence or to desire with anticipation. More important than its roots, hope just so happens to be the middle name of yours truly. That’s right: Samantha Hope Hansen. You see, I am one of those lucky gals whose given names actually mean something. My mother lost her older brother shortly before I came into this world. His name was Samuel. So for my family, naming me after an angel and following it up with hope as my middle name was not simply done for the sake of not calling me “baby girl,” which one can only assume would have quickly commenced had no proper name been chosen. Rather, I like to think of it as a grand gesture, for even in the seemingly darkest of times, hope always remains. Continue reading “h.o.p.e.”

So… tell me about yourself

Happy 2013, all!  Hope everyone had a lovely NYE celebration to ring in the new year and wish 2012 well on its way out! I was lucky enough to get back to NE safely and spend NYE with Hayley and Beth (and Alex and Drew). Yes, I fifth-wheeled our dinner plans for the night; it was really not as bad as it sounds honestly. After margs and nachos we returned to Alex’s Omaha home to continue the NYE festivities. Having already speculated that I would find myself riding solo as the clock neared the witching hour, I was armed with a discount bag of snowflake confetti, which I jovially threw atop the heads of all the kissing couples while the ball dropped at midnight! With a bottle of bubbly in one hand and the now empty bag in the other, I recall feeling so lucky right at that moment. What more can you ask for than being surrounded by your best friends whilst celebrating a holiday of hope? Well evidently, my lack of NYE traditionally-timed smooch led a fellow party-goer to believe that I was indeed missing something at this point, compelling him to ask me if I would like a kiss. …After politely declining his offer, I attempted to toss the few remaining confetti pieces into the crowd when suddenly he went in for the kiss. Thankfully, my reaction time is impeccable due to my years of coming off the blocks, so with a swivel of my head he settled for my cheek. Cue making eye contact with Hayley and Beth, laughter and a prompt trip out to the garage. Any-hoosier, we had a fabulous NYE followed by an appropiately tired first day of the new year. I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store for myself, and my family and friends! True as ever, the best is yet to be.

Common Sense

I have been meaning to write a reflective post in regards to the recent Newtown, CT mass school shooting. At 9:30am this last Friday morning, as I was eating my cereal breakfast at home, I watched CNN as the news anchors got the first pieces of information on a supposed school shooting in this sleepy New England town. I carried on about my day after hearing the news; at that time there were no details to report on numbers, fatalities, etc. Coming home for lunch in between moving out of Aphi and back home for winter break, I turned CNN back on around 2pm. The reports by this time were different, disturbing you could say. At this point, news outlets were reporting between 20 and 30 fatalities from an ELEMENTARY school, Sandy Hook to be exact, due to a mentally ill young man who entered the school with multiple fire arms, including a Glock and an assault rifle. Tears filled my eyes as images flashed on the screen of moms, dads, and families congregating in the streets near this elementary school in Newtown. As one anchor said that afternoon, “this will definitely be a day we will always remember.” Indeed, that it is. Continue reading “Common Sense”

Lo más importante:

Today marks the day of the fifth year anniversary of Lauren Johnson’s passing. At age 13 she lost her battle to cancer, leaving a hole in an innumerable amount of hearts in this community. Lauren represented hope, courage, drive, faith, love, grace, poise, joy, wisdom, and zeal. Her passing made many of us realize that, indeed, life is not fair and you never know when you are about to reach the end of your journey on this earth. A reflective post to say the least, this post is more of a culmination of many recent happenings. Yesterday on my way back to campus, I saw a terrible car accident around 27th and Capital Parkway. The police had just began to get to the scene of the crash, naturally chaos was taking place. Continue reading “Lo más importante:”



Si pudiera vivir nuevamente mi vida.
En la próxima, trataría de cometer más errores.
No intentaría ser tan perfecto, me relajaría más.
Sería más tonto de lo que he sido de hecho.
Tomaría muy pocas cosas con seriedad.
Sería menos higiénico.
Correría más riesgos, haría más viajes,
contemplaría más atardeceres,
subiría más montañas, nadaría más ríos….
Iría a más lugares a donde nunca he ido,
comería más helados y menos habas,
tendría más problemas reales y menos imaginarios.
Yo fui una de esas personas que vivió
sensata y prolíficamente cada minuto de su vida,
claro que tuve momentos de alegría….
Pero si pudiera volver atrás, trataría de
tener solamente buenos momentos,
no te pierdas el ahora.
Yo era uno de esos que nunca iba
a ninguna parte sin termómetro, una
bolsa de agua caliente, un paraguas
y un paracaidas, si pudiera volver a vivir,
viajaría más liviano.
Si pudiera volver a vivir comenzaría
a andar descalzo a principios de la primavera
y seguiría así hasta concluir el otoño.
Daría más vueltas en calesitas,
contemplaría más atardeceres y jugaría
con más niños ….
Si tuviera otra vida por delante.
Pero ya ven, tengo 85 años y sé que me estoy muriendo.


Thought to have been written by Jorge Luís Borges, this poem was actually written by Nadine Stair. Who knew!

As of late…

Well fellow bloggers, it has been too long since I’ve updated this bad boy. Since we last spoke, I have: survived my last Husker Homecoming week, participated in Inspiration week for the last time, and helped initiate 37 new members into Nu Chapter. Also worth mentioning, I officially submitted my Fulbright application to become an ETA in Malaysia in 2014, and 16 of my best friends and I survived Vegas. My cousin got married, my good friends got married, and a friend abroad got a good job. Things have been busy to say the least!Continue reading “As of late…”

Delicious ambiguity

Today Bree asked me what is my favorite word and why, and I just so happened to feel like sharing it with y’all!  Here’s what I told her: So in hindsight my current favorite word is actually ambiguity. It’s from a quote of particular substance: “Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity…” – Gilda Radner. I think this quote speaks to me lately because we are at the precipus of a time in our life defined by ambiguity. I do not have the slightest where life will lead me within the next 5 years, but I am excited. As someone who likes to make plans, achieve goals, and know what’s coming next, thinking of ambiguity and embracing it as a positive is like a mental stretch. Adventures would not be so exhilarating, new romance less sweet, and accomplishments less gratifying if you always knew they were right around the corner. Life is about the journey and ambiguity is present every step of the way so why not embrace it! 

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