Cherry Lips, Crystal Skies

How today is the first day of December, signaling that November already happened for this calendar year, is mind-boggling to me. Where did November go? Time is flying! It’s been…way too long since my last entry here, but I shall attempt to make up for lost time. Halloween: I didn’t have a costume planned until the morning of Halloween, when Mar (7) told me, considering … Continue reading Cherry Lips, Crystal Skies

Working Hard, Staying Happy.

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” – Fabienne Fredrickson Is it really that simple? Say I was extremely passionate about surfing… If I don’t become a professional surfer or instructor, does that consequentially mean that I’m not following my calling? I’m not quite sure. But what I do know is that I feel like a dog who’s finally … Continue reading Working Hard, Staying Happy.

Top 10 (Things to Do in Barcelona): October Edition

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Top 10 (Things to Do in Barcelona): October Edition Start using Uber Uber has arrived in Barcelona! Download the application on your iPhone or android, make a new account, and then make sure you plug in the promo code: AASHILIST to cash in on two free taxi rides (each for 15 euros or less) Corre Barri If you’re new to the… Continue reading Top 10 (Things to Do in Barcelona): October Edition