There will always be strength in numbers.

This morning marks the beginning of Aphi Senior Week.  This week is meant to celebrate, congratulate, commiserate, and send-off the senior pledge class.  So far this semester, I have done a relatively good job of not getting overly emotional, avoiding sappy moments, and acting like everything’s not going to change in three weeks.  But, theContinue reading “There will always be strength in numbers.”

Sometimes You Have to Grab Life by the Coattails

As many of my good friends already know, I am obsessed with Eat, Pray, Love and everything Elizabeth Gilbert.  After reading both her aforementioned best-selling memoir, as well as her follow-up – Committed – and watching the film version of Eat, Pray, Love too many times, I have come to hold Elizabeth Gilbert as aContinue reading “Sometimes You Have to Grab Life by the Coattails”

All Dogs Go To Heaven.

What was previously thought of as a popular saying and an animated movie title has become my family’s mantra this weekend. Yesterday Chloe, the older of our two dogs, got sick again. Over the last two years she has had pancreatitis twice and kidney stones twice. Evidently, schnauzers are genetically prone to get pancreatitis, whichContinue reading “All Dogs Go To Heaven.”