A Beautiful (Creative) Mind

Recently I read a wonderful article on Canva’s blog, called “10 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently.” Written by Andrew Tate, the article outlined ten examples of how creative people function to the beat of their own drum in order to foster the success of their artistically inclined work habits. I identified to the entirety of the post and wanted to add my two cents to Tate’s take on the matter…

  1. “They create a custom work routine and stick with it” — True. Personally, I am a night owl and function well later in the day. Just being awake before 8am is still a struggle, let alone high-level thinking, creating, or decision-making. Since living in Barcelona and not having a 9-5 work schedule, I have definitely realized that I am more productive and can focus better on the task at hand if I follow the flow of my work process, as opposed to saying “okay from 9-12 I’m going to write and that is final.” You just have to figure out what works for you and do it!
  2. “They can recognize their worst work, not just their best” — As Tate detailed, “highly creative people are often easily bored” and can “often be the world’s most willful procrastinators.” Amen to that brother.  Hence why we create specific routines to make sure we stay on task and ensure focus.
  3. “They have a healthy appetite for new experiences” — Citing Einstein as a prime example of someone who sought out various ways to satiate their creative diet, we’re reminded of the importance to seek new avenues for artistic and imaginative expression. There are innumerable ways in which one can express their creative side, whether it be fashion, art, performing, the written word, design, cooking, wood-working, etc.
  4. “They know what they don’t like” — Tate spells this one out for us: “…they don’t like to follow pointless rules and will often try to circumvent rules they don’t think they need to follow.” Definitely guilty there. There are few things that eek me more than an utterly pointless rule that us regular folk must follow. Give me a break.
  5. “They take risks, and they fail” — In general, we know that successful people (across the board) see obstacles as challenges to overcome and opportunities to push themselves forward. That goes along with the idea that failure is inevitably part of the journey, or in this case, creative process, and you simply must continue onward, as Elizabeth Gilbert would say.
  6. “They aren’t afraid to daydream” — I totally related to this one… I mean how can you see the potential of something or imagine what something could be without some good daydreaming? Tate explains by saying: “Daydreaming is just allowing your imagination free rein within your brain.” I often find that my best moments of inspiration arrive whilst letting my mind wander. I also related to this one in the sense that I am very much so a person who thinks for fun; I love an intense game of Boggle or Banana Grams.
  7. “They take in the world around them” — This one just spoke to my soul… “Curiosity is paramount for a highly creative person… Personal experience is important as well.” New experiences = new/ more inspiration. Writer’s block is a slow, grueling death. At the end of the day, people want to read a good story and what better way to do that then to get out there and experience something new, then relay it back. This blog would not be possible if I didn’t new things and therefore have new things to share.
  8. “They have confidence” — Here Tate makes the point that most people have a substantial creative capacity, it’s just that they’re held back by a lack of confidence.  Moreover, it boils down to having the ability to trust yourself, believing you’re on the right track, and being determined. The other side of this coin, is that highly creative people know that they are sometimes their own worst enemies. Aka when you shoot yourself in the foot  by waiting to do something to the last minute or letting your anxieties run wild and cloud your mind. Personally, I have found that I work (and more specifically, write) better as a deadline approaches because I trust my ideas and just let it flow out in hyper-speed.
  9. “They aren’t afraid to ask questions” — Again – curiosity is key! Asking questions and being open to constructive criticism is a non-negotiable in the creative process. Let others help you if you’re struggling getting those stagnant creative juices flowing. Often times just utilizing a different perspective or hearing a new angle can solve any problem you’re facing.
  10. “They follow their dreams” — Duh, of course they do! Follow your passion and make your creative pursuits happen. That’s the beauty of living a creative life – though perhaps difficult, it’s guaranteed to be fulfilling. I feel at my personal best when I’m actively creating.

 *Original article by Andrew Tate via Canva’s blog

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