You’re My Person.

“I literally have to remind myself all the time, that being afraid of things going wrong isn’t the way to make things go right.” …eek! So true.

Happy Saturday all. This last week has been a solid start to August. This month, as many locals travel to apartments in smaller beach towns in Costa Brava or down south, I am watching Dylan more frequently, whilst Cynthia takes an intensive Spanish course. The lil guy turns two on the twentieth and I am looking forward to finding a cute lil babe gift to help ring in his big day! As usual he is a wonderful baby; his mom, Cynthia, is expecting to have another baby boy and is due in late November.


Aside from Dylan, workwise, I have also been doing one-on-one English lessons with Jesús, the adorable, retired Catalan man (from my old intercambio at the library) who also lives in Gracía. In loose terms, Jesús has become like my Catalan grandpa here in Barcelona. He is a gem of a guy and has so graciously invited me to visit his family’s apartment down in Torredembarra for a couple days in the upcoming weeks. Torredembarra happens to be just 12 km from Tarragona, so there is talk of going there as well, considering I have never been.

The third and final tier of my work life currently consists of a social media position with a prominent Barcelona nightlife promoter named Aashi. So far I have created his brand Instagram account, as well as two WordPress blog sites set up to serve his purposes. So now on a day-to-day basis, I update/maintain his Instagram and Twitter accounts, and continue to make progress on said blogs and traditional Facebook posts. I like the job so far… It kind of makes me wish I had studied marketing in college. Regardless, makes me wonder if I could see myself doing more (career-wise) with social media. We’ll see!

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On the non-work front, I spent last Sunday at Damian’s house, celebrating Sergio’s birthday. It was a fun day filled with their family and friends; April and I had made a double-decker bizcocho cake topped with dulce de leche, the Obispo boys’ favorite.

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Cass and Brenden have been in southern Spain this whole week. They flew from El Prat down to Granada, and have since been in Cordoba and Sevilla. I am looking forward to their return tomorrow and getting to hear all about their trip! This last Thursday evening, I met Damian down at Barceloneta beach for the free cinema series (Cinema Lliure). Every Thursday and Friday night in July and August, a substantial patch of Barceloneta beach hosts a free screening of a selection of international, alterative films. I picked this last Thursday because it was the only film title I recognized in the line up, and one I happened to be dying to see: Frances Ha. Weather-wise, we got a perfectly clear summer night. Subtitled in Spanish, the movie ended up being highly entertaining and witty.



Today I started off my day at Bogatell beach and finished reading Water for Elephants. Now I’ve started Henry James’ Daisy Miller. I am excited for the upcoming annual neighborhood festival of Gracía, which officially starts on the fifteenth. I am also looking forward to the challenge of firstly, deciding which graduate school entrance exam I am going to take, and secondly, studying my bootie off in preparation for said test. That is on the fall agenda!

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