September Updates…

September updates… Since we last spoke here are some updates on my life in Barcelona:

  •  We are starting to learn it’s just easier not to check social media on game day Saturdays; seeing everyone back in Nebraska decked out in their finest Husker gear and tailgating like it’s 1999 is, euphemistically speaking, semi-sweet. Also, it’s impossible to find broadcast coverage of the games online here.
  • I have developed a real affinity for green tea (served hot with honey), mustard, frozen grapes, Siracha sauce, and fried eggplant.
  • I have re-watched almost the entirety of Gossip Girl Season One – I had forgotten how evil Georgina is then! It’s nice to go back down memory lane there.
  • The weather is slowly starting to change here; instead of being perfectly sunny and 80s as it was for the majority of the summer, lately it’s been more overcast days and 70s. We even sleep with the windows closed sometimes now! Not to mention sleeping under our sheets!
  • Due to several unexpected wrenches, I ended up declining the English teaching position with Kids&Us. A 1.15-hour commute for a 1-hour class (of 4-5 year olds no less) just wasn’t sounding up my alley anymore. So, yes, I am still unemployed and still looking into a few opportunities.
  • I think my Spanish is slowly but surely improving. Growing one’s vocabulary is an uphill battle I tell you.
  • Last week we had a blast going out with Mike, his family, Austin, and Uche. We gorged ourselves at Da Greco (I got the truffle parmesan risotto), went to the club level in the Hotel Arts for the first time, and met Kate and Taylor as well.  Later in the week, Mike invited us out to dinner with his parents who were visiting too – Boca Grande was a hip, romantic place with great food.
  • A few nights ago, Cass and I had dinner at Petra’s with her and Montsy. It was great to see them again after two months! We got to watch Petra make her delicious tortilla (she added zucchini), fried eggplant, and apple & walnut salad.
  • Cass starts her temporary nannying position later this week.  On Wednesday I’m going to give a trial individual English lesson for a family here in the city, so we’ll see how that goes. Later this week marks the beginning of the La Mercet festivals in Barcelona, which supposedly includes awesome concerts.

That’s about all I know folks. Until next time! 

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