Like a Moth to a Flame.

I cannot believe it’s already September! Things are going well here – I am now employed with a part time English teaching position at a private children’s language academy just outside of Barcelona. Yay for having an income again soon!

We had a good weekend filled with celebrations… On Saturday, Cass, Clare, and I went on the all-day excursion to Costa Brava with J.B. and Stevie as our knowledgeable guides! We ended up going to Sant Pol beach and kayaking, cliff jumping, and snorkeling near the reefs! It was a great day. The water was super clear, nothing but sunny skies, and I was thrilled that we finally got to cross cliff jumping off of our elusive bucket list. The only casualty of the day was Clare’s sunglasses; thankfully they were from Target. After a picnic of bocadillos and melon back on the beach, we rode back to Barcelona.

Once back in the city, Cass and I did some last minute grocery shopping at Mercadona (since the big super markets aren’t open on Sundays).  We needed to get the food and drink for Sunday night’s festivities at our place. Hamburger meat, hot dogs, buns galore, condiments, and chips in tow, we also picked up a watermelon on our walk home.  We attempted to make a vodka soaked watermelon… more to come on that later. Then instead of sitting at home and sulking about missing the first home football game back in LNK, we opted to go out with the Sant Cugat crew as they were coming to go out to Shoko.  We got ready and met them down at the park area off of Barceloneta.  It was a solid group of Cass, Paula, Josh, José, Mario, Serni, Sergi, Xela, Mike, and I.  We eventually made our way to Shoko and then of course ended up at Olympic later.

Sunday we slept in and then slowly but surely started cleaning the apartment in preparation for having people over later. Sergi arrived first because he brought his grill that we were borrowing for the evening. With the help of Andrea, Alejandro, Josh, Mario, and Sergi we fired up the charcoal grill on our terrace and set up the picnic table with all the other edible items. Later Bea, Marisol, Xela, Tivo, Clare, and Gabi arrived.  As the evening was originally conceived with an NYC theme in mind, we had mimosas and other types of bubbly to toast to Clare, as the gathering was her going-away party (or despedida in Spanish).  Sol, Xela, Josh, and Bea ended up salvaging the failed vodka-watermelon by scooping it out like a pumpkin and then essentially making vodka-watermelon slushes… they were good! We went down to the beach to get our groove on at Shoko again.

And that almost brings us up to the present! Clare went back stateside yesterday. Cass and I made our September rent payment today at the bank.  I’m getting more into Cider House Rules – my mom knows my literature taste so well. Tonight we are going to dinner with Mike and his friends to Da Greco, the bomb Italian restaurant that Bri and Julian raved about; luckily, it happens to be about a 7 minute walk from our apartment! Since Petra is back in town from holiday, we are hoping to get together with her sometime this week.  I am pumped for Emily to get here on Thursday! Onward and upward, folks.

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