Sun’s Out – Everything’s Out

Well, Cass and I have been here four days now but it feels like it’s been longer. As we continue to reintroduce ourselves to the city, some areas seem completely new while others are navigated like the back of my hand.  To fill you in, Thursday (our first full day here) we met Bri at Barceloneta beach and got some rays whilst meeting many of her new ISA friends.  After a few hours of solid sun, Cass and I came home and went for a run down Diagonal, which was good except for the multitude of red lights at the pedestrian walkways.  Later that night we met up with Bri’s friends again at Le Cyrano, the bar that’s claim to fame is letting the customers pour their own drinks.  We then attempted to wait in line for a bit out in front of Sutton, “the most exclusive club in Barcelona.”  Cass and I had read some reviews that girls who aren’t wearing heels or who have nose rings would not get let in; considering that Cass forgot her heels and I have a nose ring, we didn’t get our hopes on getting past the burly bouncers.  Eventually, our group took our business elsewhere and Cass and I ended up walking an HOUR to get home.

On Friday we (I) accidentally slept till 1:30 in the afternoon.  After finally waking up, we met Bri at Starbucks and made progress on travel plans.  Most places here only offer WIFI to paying customers, and only for a limited time.  After our time ran out at Starbucks after only having bought our flights from Rome to Madrid, we continued the planning party at George Payne’s; a latte and an Amstel later, we had booked a few flights and hostels for our upcoming backpacking trip.   Friday night we went to El caso born with Petra and Bri and finally were reunited with Marta and Alex.  It was SO good to see them and get to hug them!  After catching up over cocktails, Alex whipped us up some mystery shots and we parted ways. Cass, Bri, and I then headed to Opium and met Cass’ friends- Xavier, Ivan, Alex, Josh, and Mario.  We danced our hearts out to house music then wandered over to Olympic for a few Juan Magan jams.  Once the metro opened back up at 5am, we rode north and were sleeping by 6!

Saturday we forced ourselves to wake up a little bit earlier than usual.  We opted to eat out for lunch and stupidly sat inside of Bo de B rather than taking it to go. However, it was just as tasty as I remember; I got the chicken sandwich with the all works.  Afterwards, we walked up the entire Rambla, figured out where/how to buy Renfe train tickets for nearby beaches, then headed to Barceloneta for some late afternoon sun. Hours later, we were back home for a little R&R before dinner with Petra.  After changing our plans several times, Cass, Bri, and I ended up venturing out to Betty Ford’s Saturday night, where I rekindled my affinity for “clara” – tap beer with Fanta limon, which essentially tastes like a Summer Shandy. Inevitable as it was, we eventually decided we weren’t ready to go home quite yet, so we then went to La Oveja Negra off Las Ramblas for a few beers. All in all, it was a great night, as so often the most random nights turn out to be.

So far today, we actually woke up and were laying out on the Barceloneta beach by 11:30 am- practically a Christmas miracle.  I think I got a bit sunburnt – shocker. On our way home we stocked up with Cava (Spanish sparkling wine), petards (Catalan for fireworks), and other goodies for the impending San Juan festivities. Bri’s coming over to Petra’s for a tortilla dinner and then we’ll hit the beach to ring in San Juan with the best of em! Salud!

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