Great Expectations

So one of my favorite pins on my account says: “We accept the love we think we deserve.” What a telling statement. Whether through the relationships of my siblings, friends, family, or my own, I have come to learn that this is a factual sentiment. If you think you only deserve a so-so relationship, filled with mediocrity, selfishness, and settling, than that my friend is exactly what you will receive. As I recently admitted to myself, I am indeed an idealist at heart. This mindset translates to my perspective on romantic endeavors as well. Why on earth would any woman settle for a man who doesn’t treat her like the best woman that this world has ever seen? I’m talking roses, opening doors, paying for meals, face-to-face conversation, if-you’re-a-bird-I’m-a-bird moments people! This life is far too drab and short to waste your time and affection on anything less than a great guy. Granted, some of you may be thinking, well no shit Sherlock you would write this rant given that you are perpetually single! Ah hah! Yes, you would be right. But I like to tell myself that it is a brave choice to make to be alone rather than settling for less than you deserve. It breaks my heart to see friends date guys that cheat on them, lie to them, criticize them, etc.

My friend Molly once showed me this quote from Taylor Swift: “It’s very rare that I have a boyfriend—that only happens if I fall in love. I’ve noticed that people who are never in a relationship JUST to be in a relationship keep their childlike spark because they don’t end up settling for things that make them unhappy, and they never feel as if they took less than what was out there for them. So for me, being single is what I do, and falling love is the exception.” Amen. I wish I could yell from the highest hilltop in Lincoln (lol) to all the girls out here settling simply for the sake of having a boyfriend and never having to feel lonely: Don’t do it! You deserve more! How can you love someone else before you love yourself?! ….Anyways, that’s my thought for this gray Thursday. Until next time… #single&readytomingle

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