So… tell me about yourself

Happy 2013, all!  Hope everyone had a lovely NYE celebration to ring in the new year and wish 2012 well on its way out! I was lucky enough to get back to NE safely and spend NYE with Hayley and Beth (and Alex and Drew). Yes, I fifth-wheeled our dinner plans for the night; it was really not as bad as it sounds honestly. After margs and nachos we returned to Alex’s Omaha home to continue the NYE festivities. Having already speculated that I would find myself riding solo as the clock neared the witching hour, I was armed with a discount bag of snowflake confetti, which I jovially threw atop the heads of all the kissing couples while the ball dropped at midnight! With a bottle of bubbly in one hand and the now empty bag in the other, I recall feeling so lucky right at that moment. What more can you ask for than being surrounded by your best friends whilst celebrating a holiday of hope? Well evidently, my lack of NYE traditionally-timed smooch led a fellow party-goer to believe that I was indeed missing something at this point, compelling him to ask me if I would like a kiss. …After politely declining his offer, I attempted to toss the few remaining confetti pieces into the crowd when suddenly he went in for the kiss. Thankfully, my reaction time is impeccable due to my years of coming off the blocks, so with a swivel of my head he settled for my cheek. Cue making eye contact with Hayley and Beth, laughter and a prompt trip out to the garage. Any-hoosier, we had a fabulous NYE followed by an appropiately tired first day of the new year. I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store for myself, and my family and friends! True as ever, the best is yet to be.

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