Some call me Roman.

Hola!  I really need to get better about blogging more frequently. Did you know it’s August already?  Where did my summer go?  I cannot believe rush is upon us and then I start my senior classes…. honestly unreal. I was reminded today that I must take time to smell the roses every now and then. Yet, for someone who feels like there is never enough time in the day, this seemingly doable task can turn into an Everest-like feat. These days I rarely watch movies, only read for pleasure on flights, and struggle to get eight hours of sleep each night. But then again, I count smelling the roses as activities such as blogging, singing to my favorite songs in the car, and watching CNN with my mom, all as stress-relieving moments. I may not take time to watch the sunset or catch up on the latest greek gossip, but that is fine with me. Dreams wait for no one and the time is always now!

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