Where does the time go?

Dang! It’s already been almost a month since my last post on here. Sad. I don’t know how time seems to slip through my fingers. Since we last spoke, I have worked a ton, started interviewing in Spanish, road-tripped down to Power and Light with the girls, and went to Alpha Phi nationals in Phoenix. My best friend Beth made it safely to Tanzania (THANK GOD). This week marks the celebration of American independence – I will head down to Southlake, Texas to spend some quality fam time with the Hansen’s!

Today Spain won the Euro cup finals and it made me miss it all terribly…… I happened to sit by the most interesting woman on the plane home from Phoenix. She is retired now, married to a Chilean professor in Nevada (who happens to sit on the Fulbright selection committee). Her thoughful words of encouragement in regards to my future aspirations were much appreciated. It’s funny how sometimes you get just what you didn’t realize you even needed. As my good friend Félix once told me, the time is now. You can either work towards making your dreams and goals realities or settle with the normalities of adult life. I choose the hard work, the insatiable need for more, the drive to succeed, the hope to see it all.

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