Memorial Day thoughts

Well it’s Memorial Day in the states today. That means different things to different people. To me, today, that means thanking people in my life like my grandpa, step-dad, and friends who have made the sacrifice to serve our country. It also means no work, pool time with my mama, ribs, beer, sun, and counting my blessings.  Our country is SO obsessed with what’s going wrong, what we need to fix, where we can improve etc. Obviously thinking strategically in areas where there is definite room for improvements is necessary and healthy, to an extent.  Working at Talent Plus and being in an environment founded on positive psychology has helped me slowly but surely make a mental shift. Let’s focus on what we do well, what is going right, what we can expand on.  My god, think of all the good, productive things you could do instead of wasting time facebook creeping people you shouldn’t, critiquing your body incessantly, watching worthless TV, etc. The possibilities really are endless. Today I shall count my blessings. I am alive, healthy, happy.  What more can you honestly ask for?

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