Common sense

I won’t name names, but a large percentage of my friends will most likely enter into a union of matrimony with their current significant others. Here, let me also add that I am 21 years old.

There is a wedding happening as I type this.  My step-sister’s wedding is this August.  My cousin Evan’s wedding is this fall.  By the time I graduate, I’m sure at least a handfull of my friends will be engaged.  And here I am – haha. I often think of the pin on pinterest when it comes to describing my love life – it is a picture frame with nothing inside. That about sums it up!  Now don’t get it twisted, this is not an emo-poor me-post.  Rather, this rant is in light of the recent ‘big news’ from our current administration.  Obama FINALLY came out fully in support of same-sex marriage.  Some people will say he’s a flip-flopper now; others will say he didn’t go far enough.  For Christ’s sake, can we just once praise an ounce of progress?  At least young gay Americans can now go to sleep with the assurance that their President is on their side.

Ten years from now, most of my current friends will probably be married, celebrating anniversaries, having babies, the whole nine yards. I pray to God that by that time all Americans will have the rights to marry the people they love.  First class citizenship goes hand-in-hand with the American dream.  I am encouraged by Obama & Bidens’ words this week, though disgusted with North Carolina’s step backwards on this issue.  There is still a long road ahead of us, but I have faith that eventually two people (regardless of sexual orientation) who love each other will be able to marry in this country.

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