Another one bites the dust…

And so here we are, another Spring Break coming to a bittersweet end.  A group of about 20 of my sorority sisters and I went down to Cancun, Mexico to ring in the spring vacation.  We stayed at Oasis Resort, and all in all I’d say the place was decent!  Regardless of what you ordered at the bars you basically were given tequila.  The food was sub-par.  Yet the beaches, pools, resort staff, and clubs were delightful.  I was pleasantly surprised with the music selection.  We went off the resort twice, once to Coco Bongo and the next night to Señor Frogs.  Coco Bongo reminded me of my time in Spain, very reminiscent to Kapital, Joy, and Razzmatazz.  Señor Frogs was a great time as well; I’m happy I finally got there as I’ve always only heard about it.  We met some nice Brazilians and I REALLY want to learn Portuguese next.  (Think of the practicality considering BRIC)  I was by far the whitest girl at the party but hey, you can’t win ‘em all.  We all came back safe and sound.  Talk about trips for our Senior year SO FAR include: Vegas for Fall Break, Ski Trip in CO for Christmas Break, and then somewhere tropical for Spring.  My vote is leaning towards St. Thomas or Jamaica!  Qué guay!

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